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After 7 years of being employed, the founder of the company, who is a Masters Degree student in Sustainable Urban Planning & Development (completing 2019), put together a team of class mates and associates, to undertake projects that the founder had been approached to undertake by various clients.

While many projects were initially on a contingency (risk) basis, the team continued to assist the founder to see out each project. According to the founder, his best skill is to identify various traits and skills within various other people, and consolidate such skills in order to efficiently undertake a project that he or a client has conceptualized..

The founder is a firm believer in the notion of uBuntu/Botho

“Motho ke motho ka batho”

or “A person is a person because of people”. He thus founded Urban Regenesis, not only to regenerate urban spaces, but to regenerate people as well.
It is the long-term vision of the founder, for Urban Regenesis, to be used as a conduit for; clients, staff, NPOs and communities alike, to re-imagine and realize their future goals.


Urban Regenesis Development Consulting

Urban Regenesis (Pty) Ltd, is a built environment consultancy, with a specialty in providing development planning (Town Planning), Land Surveying, Site Acquisition and Project Management services to both the private and public sector clients. The services rendered are specifically tailored to initiatives that promote urban renewal and land use optimization in the land scarce urban setting. Our office has a vested interest in undertaking projects in a variety of markets such as; Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture.



To be the most accessible, most reliable, most people oriented and most innovative
development consultancy in South Africa and the African continent.



• Quality of service at affordable rates
• Focused on tailored clients-oriented solutions
• Hiring and retaining professional excellence
• Investing in youth development projects
• Investing in the ‘green agenda’
• Assisting historically disadvantaged clients access our services for pro-bono or discounted rates
• Assisting our staff improve their skills through tailored mentorship programs



Undertaking of pro-bono or discounted town planning applications on behalf of NPOs and start up clients who often cannot launch or operative successful business initiatives due to land use and statutory constraints imposed by local authorities. Training of built environment professionals with less than two (2) years’ experience to gain the necessary experience to register as professionals and technicians in their respective fields.

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