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We are Urban Regenesis

More than just a built environment consultancy, we are a response to the  unsustainable global trends that are manifesting on the African continent.

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land use applications and spatial development proposals


for approval by the National Chief Surveyor General’s office:


for both government tenders and private sector projects


for approval by the competent authority office

Providing solutions for urban spaces

with a speciality in providing development planning (Town Planning), Land Surveying, Site Acquisition and Project Management services to both the private and public sector clients

We Are

Urban Regenesis Development Consulting is more than just a built environment consultancy. As the name suggests, its is a response to the degeneration of urban spaces due to urbanisation and other unsustainable global trends that are manifesting on the African continent.

Our office has a vested interest in undertaking projects in a variety of markets such as; Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agriculture..

About our services

The services rendered are specifically
tailored to initiatives that promote urban renewal and land use optimization in the land scarce urban setting.

About our values

We are firm believers in the notion of uBuntu/Botho “Motho ke motho ka batho” or “A person is a person because of people”..

About our future

It is our long-term vision, for Urban Regenesis, to be used as a conduit for; clients, staff, NPOs and communities alike, to re-imagine and realize their future goals.

Over 10 years experience

With over 10 years experience between us in the private sector such as technical town planning and town planning professional/environmental planning in the local government.

Fully Accredited

The company is 100% black and youth owned and managed. Urban Regenesis (Pty) Ltd is made up of registered and accredited Town Planners (SACPLAN) and Land Surveyors (PLATO).


Undertaking of pro-bono or discounted town planning applications on behalf of NPOs and start up clients. Training of built environment professionals experience to gain the necessary experience to register as professionals and technicians in their respective fields.>


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We believe in fast accurate work, while being flexible and never cutting comers. Helping us conduct the following land use applications and spatial development proposals with absolute precision and attention to detail on behalf of our clients for approval by local, provincial and national authorities:.

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